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Forwarding Your Phone

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2014 04:21PM PDT

Your school phone has mutiple forwarding options.  Follow the steps below to start or stop your forwards:

Forwarding to an inside extension

  1. Press the Superkey
  2. If CALL FORWARDING doesn't come up then press the No softkey until it does
  3. Press the Yes softkey
  4. Get to the foward option you want by pressing the Next softkey
    1. ALWAYS - never rings at your phone but is always forwarded
    2. IF BUSY - always rings at your phone but forwards if your line is busy
    3. NO ANS - always rings at your phone but forwards if you don't answer
    4. I'M HERE - this is the same as always except that it is done from the ext you are forwarding to
  5. Choose the appropritate softkey
    1. Program - to start
    2. Del - to stop
    3. Change - to alter
  6. Follow the sotkey prompts to finish
  7. Press the Superkey to end

Fowarding to an outside line

  1. First create a personal speed call key to the outside line
    1. Press the Superkey
    2. Select No until you see PERSONAL KEYS
    3. Select Yes
    4. Choose a button on your console that is not already programed
      1. When you select a button it will tell you what or if it is programed
      2. If you do not want to alter your current settings, look for one that says UNUSED KEY
    5. Select Change
    6. Select Yes for SPEED CALL
    7. Enter number starting with a 9
    8. Press Save
    9. Press Superkey to end
  2. Now follow the same steps for Forwarding to an inside extension (above) except when you get the TO: prompt, press the personal key you just programmed
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